What are StorySacks

The ‘Story Sack’ concept is not one we have come up with ourselves, rather it was developed in 1995 by a former head teacher in the UK, Neil Griffiths.

Children love fun and interactive activities and the idea of the ‘Story Sack’ is that if you include supporting materials alongside a storybook itself it will allow children to be more ‘hands on’ during story time, stimulating their minds, language and imagination by bringing stories to life.

‘Bookish Play’ is another concept we love here at StorySacks HQ whereby children are introduced to a fun play activity that directly relates to the book that they are reading.

Not only did we want to include items within our StorySacks that bring the story to life, but also source ones that will allow the children to explore the story through sensory play, arts & crafts activities and much much more. We have designed our StorySacks so that they are extremely versatile – perfect as gifts for all of the little people in your life but easily as useful as an early learning resource within classrooms or at home. Our hope is that they will grow with the children and be taken out for years to come. Also handy to bring on the go!!

The benefits of ‘Story Sacks’ and ‘Bookish Play’ for children are endless however at the end of the day all that we want to do is to give our little ones a love for reading as we believe it truly is the greatest gift.

“Children who love reading have everything within their reach”  – Unknown