The Three Little Pigs StorySack

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“I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down!”

Bring the classic fairytale of The Three Little Pigs to life with this StorySack. Lots to choose from in terms of book options, puppets & wooden characters. Keep it simple or include everything to bring this tale to life.

What you can include in this StorySack:

  • The Three Little Pigs Book Options
    • The Three Little Pigs Campbell Books First Stories (Push, Pull & Slide Board Book); OR
    • The Three Little Pigs Classic Picture Book; OR 
    • The Three Little Pigs – Yellow Door Big Picture Books (340mm x 340mm)
  • The Big Bad Wolf & Three Little Pigs Puppets by Fiesta Crafts 
    • Big Bad Wolf Hand Puppet
    • Three Little Pigs Finger Puppets
  • The Three Little Pigs Wooden Characters by Yellow Door Education
    • Little Pig w/ House Made of Straw
    • Little Pig w/ House Made of Sticks 
    • Little Pig w/ House Made of Bricks
    • Big Bad Wolf
  •  StorySacks branded 100% Cotton Drawstring Bag – to keep everything safe and take on the go!

Campbell Books First Stories: Push, Pull & Slide: The Three Little Pigs

Push Pull and Slide Board Books add another fund & engaging element for little ones, a great option if this StorySack is being given as a gift. Also great for working on fine motor skills!

Push, pull and turn mechanisms bring the story to life and introduce the main characters. This well-loved fairy tale is beautifully imagined for a new generation by children’s illustrator Natascha Rosenberg.

The Three Little Pigs Classic Picture Book by Little Tiger Press

Three little pigs set off to build new homes for themselves. But someone big and bad soon comes looking for a tasty piggy snack . . .

Can the pigs outwit the wicked wolf?

My First Fairytales are a magical introduction to the well-loved stories that are a key part of every childhood.
With fresh and fun illustrations, these simple re-tellings of classic fairy tales make a perfect read for young and old alike!

Yellow Door: The Three Little Pigs Big Picture Book

This big picture book (measuring 340 x 340mm) is perfect for group reading and younger children. The story book is ideal for introducing and retelling this classic tale.

Children will love this wonderful retelling of the tale of The Three Little Pigs. This version has a strong rhyming text and features a repeating chorus that will help children to remember and enjoy the story in the future. An ideal way to introduce and retell this classic tale, this story book is an essential for every book collection.

Fiesta Crafts – Big Bad Wolf & The Three Little Pigs Puppets 

Children who love story time will adore this hand and finger puppet set which has been beautifully designed to spur on even the wildest of imaginations. Reflective of the key characters in one of our most treasured children’s stories, one large hand puppet (Big Bad Wolf!)plays a key character supported by a series of embroidered fabric finger puppets (The Three Little Pigs) to make the retelling of this classic fun and fully interactive. Not only is it a great toy for individual play, it is also designed to encourage role playing with others improving their confidence and communication skills. The finger puppets are stored in pockets on the hand puppet after play making it easy to keep the whole set together in one place.

Yellow Door – The Three Little Pigs Wooden Characters (including three houses!)

Now made from natural FSC pine, each figure has a 15mm flat base making them sturdy and easy to stand up in a variety of storytelling settings. These high quality tactile wooden figures enable children to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs during small world play and to create exciting new versions of this traditional tale.

Characters are between 60–130mm high. Safe for age 18m+

The Three Little Pigs Hand & Finger Puppets

With Hand & Finger Puppets, Without Hand & Finger Puppets


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