The Surgeon StorySack


Introducing the Surgeon StorySack, a captivating educational story sack designed to inspire young minds through imaginative exploration and roleplay. This StorySack combines the educational ‘Look Inside A Hospital’ Board Book by Usborne Books with the interactive Surgeon Set by Plan Toys.

Immerse your child in the fascinating world of healthcare as they take on the role of a surgeon. The Surgeon Set features a fabric piece intricately labeled with various organs, including the bronchus, lungs, heart (complete with a beep button for added realism), stomach with a piece of food inside, liver, and kidneys. The personalized patient’s card inside enhances the learning experience with vocabulary that can be used for authentic pretend play with dolls and stuffed friends.

This StorySack supports learning through play by incorporating a range of educational benefits. The Surgeon StorySack is a valuable tool for developing fine motor skills, logical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Engage your child’s hand-eye coordination as they explore the different organs and perform imaginary surgeries using the included medical equipment.

Inside the Surgeon StorySack, you’ll find a convenient storage bag to neatly house the medical tools, including a scalpel, forceps, cotton buds, surgical drape, medical mask, suction device, and a PlanWood™ tray.

Our StorySacks Fairtrade Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag ensures that all products are easily portable and can be stored with care.

As your child delves into the world of surgery, they will not only have fun but also gain a deeper understanding of the human body and medical procedures. The Surgeon StorySack is an excellent way to encourage learning through play, fostering a love for exploration and knowledge in a safe and entertaining environment. Invest in your child’s development with this unique and engaging kit that sparks curiosity and creativity!