The New Baby StorySack

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This StorySack is one for any house that is preparing for a new arrival! The perfect way to prepare any big brother or sister…with books and their very own baby.

In this StorySack: 

  • Book Options:
    • Hello in There! A Big Sister’s Book of Waiting by Jo Witek (Hardback)
    • Billy Bear and the New Baby by Miriam Moss (Board Book)
    • Snuggle the Baby by Sara Gillingham (Board Book)
    • That is Actually MY Blanket, Baby! by Angie Morgan (Picture Book)
  • Baby Doll Marie with accessories by Small Foot Toys; OR 
  • Baby Doll Benno with accessories by Small Foot Toys

Please see long description below for further details on the books available as part of this StorySack…choose to include one or all!

There’s A House Inside My Mummy by Giles Andreae

A funny and tender picture book about waiting for a new brother or sister to arrive. There’s a house inside my mummy, Where my little brother grows, Or maybe it’s my little sister no one really knows. Waiting for a new brother or sister to arrive can be a confusing and worrying time for young children. Sharing this simple rhyming story together is the perfect way to reassure your little one and involve them in all the excitement. Told with humour and warmth by Giles Andreae, the author of much-loved family favourite Giraffes Can’t Dance . ‘A great book for sharing with your first born while your second is still in the ‘tummy house” – The Times A note from the author: ‘When my wife became pregnant for the second time, I was talking to Flinn, our 2-year old son, about what was going to take place and how exciting it would be for him to have a brother or sister. I started to think about it as though I were a young child myself … ‘There’s a house inside my mummy’ was a phrase that just popped into my head, and from then on the book was a joy to write.’   

Billy Bear & The New Baby by Miriam Moss (Board Book)

Billy Bear and the New Baby is a delightful story from Miriam Moss, author of I Forgot to Say I Love You . With charming, classic style illustrations from Anna Currey, this is a perfect book for families expecting an new addition, and to share with new big brothers and sisters. When Mum tells Billy Bear he’s going to be a big brother, he isn’t so sure he wants a little sister . . . his friend Luca has a new baby sister and she cries a lot! And he’s not sure he wants to share his toys either. But when the baby arrives, Billy soon discovers that there’s lots to learn about being a good big brother – and mummy definitely has enough love for everyone. Perhaps having a new baby in the house might be something rather special, after all . . .   

Baby Doll Marie (with accessories) by Small Foot Toys

A dream for all doll’s parents! This cute doll is a real enrichment for every doll collection. While dressing their doll, the doll’s parents learn to dress themselves and can try out all the accessories while role-playing. The doll is also great for cuddling with her soft body. This doll belongs in every doll assortment!

Age recommendation: 24 months +

Baby Doll Benno (with accessories) by Small Foot Toys

Oh how cute – this little boy with cute clothes will melt every doll mother’s heart! The doll comes with a light blue bottle, a small soother that can be put in the mouth and a fluffy seat cover. The boy’s clothes are a special eye-catcher – several elements, such as the ears on the hat, are reminiscent of a dog. Little Benno is a big dog lover. The doll is wearing a cute floppy ear hat and a blue and white romper with cute puppy motif. The cuddle blanket and bottle are also blue and white.

Age recommendation: 24 months

Book Option

There's A House Inside My Mummy, Billy Bear & The New Baby, Both Books

Baby Doll Option

Marie Baby Doll, Benno Baby Doll

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