The Doctor StorySack

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Introducing “The Doctor’s StorySack” – a captivating and educational bundle designed to inspire young minds and cultivate empathy through imaginative play. This thoughtfully curated StorySack includes a selection of engaging books and interactive toys that allow children to explore the world of medicine while fostering compassion and understanding.

Book Options:

  1. “Look Inside A Hospital” Board Book by Usborne Books: Delve into the fascinating world of hospitals, exploring the various aspects of medical care through vibrant illustrations and interactive flaps.
  2. “We’re Going To The Doctor” Push, Pull & Slide Board Book by Campbell Books: A dynamic book that introduces children to the doctor’s office through interactive elements, encouraging hands-on exploration.

Doctor’s Bag & Set by Plan Toys:
Immerse your little one in the role of a real doctor with the Doctor’s Bag & Set by Plan Toys. This professional set includes 5 basic medical tools and a convenient doctor’s case, promoting imaginative play and nurturing essential skills.

Ouch Puzzle by Tender Leaf Toys:
The Ouch Puzzle by Tender Leaf Toys adds an extra layer of educational fun. With 12 wooden puzzle pieces, children can learn about the human body, understanding what makes us hurt and how we can get better. The beautifully crafted puzzle is designed for little hands, making it both educational and entertaining.

StorySacks Fairtrade Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag:
All products are  presented in a StorySacks Fairtrade Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag, adding an eco-friendly touch to this educational ensemble.

Inspire a love for learning, compassion, and imaginative play with “The Doctor’s StorySack” – a delightful and enriching experience for young minds.

Choose to include as few or as many of the products within the StorySack based on your preferences and needs.




Key Features:

  • Empathy Building: The StorySack encourages children to step into the shoes of a doctor, fostering early lessons in empathy and sympathy.
  • Interactive Learning: The inclusion of interactive books and toys engages children in hands-on learning experiences, promoting curiosity and exploration.
  • Quality Materials: All items in the StorySack are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and safety for young children.

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Book Option

Look Inside A Hospital, We're Going To The Doctor, Both Books

Doctor's Bag

With Doctor's Bag, Without Doctor's Bag

Ouch Puzzle

With Ouch Puzzle, Without Ouch Puzzle