The Dentist StorySack

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Introducing “The Dentist StorySack” – a delightful and educational set designed to engage young minds in the world of dental care. This StorySack includes carefully selected items to make learning about oral hygiene an exciting and interactive experience for children.

Book Options:

  1. “Very First Questions and Answers Why Should I Brush My Teeth?”: A colourful and engaging board book by Usborne Books that answers common questions about the importance of brushing teeth. The vibrant illustrations and simple explanations make it perfect for young readers.
  2. “We’re Going To The Dentist” Push, Pull & Slide Board Book: An interactive board book by Campbell Books that introduces children to the dentist’s world through interactive elements like push, pull, and slide mechanisms. It adds a fun and tactile element to the learning process.

Dentist Set by Plan Toys:

Pretend to be a real dentist! This set includes 4 basic dental tools, 1 toothbrush, 1 set of teeth with 3 spare teeth, and 1 doctor case. Through imaginative play, children can learn the basics of dental care and understand the tools used by dentists.

Dentist Role Play Flashcards:

Explore dentists and their job roles with these interactive flashcards. Have fun playing with X-rays, studying baby and adult teeth, and learning about healthy and unhealthy items for your teeth. These flashcards enhance the learning experience through play.

All these wonderful products come neatly packaged in a StorySacks Fairtrade Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag, making it easy to carry and store the set.

“The Dentist StorySack” is not just a bag of products; it’s a holistic educational experience that encourages children to explore the world of oral hygiene through play and storytelling. Make learning about dental care an exciting adventure for your little ones!


Key Features:

  • Engaging books that explain the importance of dental care in a child-friendly manner.
  • A dentist set for pretend play, promoting hands-on learning and creativity.
  • Role play flashcards that make learning about dentists and oral health fun.
  • Fairtrade Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag for easy storage and portability.

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Book Option

Why Should We Brush Our Teeth?, We're Going To The Dentist, Both Books

Dentist Set

With Dentist Set, Without Dentist Set


With Flashcards, Without Flashcards