The Bee StorySack

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Be amazed and let your little one be transported to the magical kingdom of the bees!

In this StorySack what you can include:

  • Book Option
    • Peep Inside a Beehive by Usborne Books
    • Little Bee: A Day in the Life of the Bee 
  • Honey Bee Finger Puppet by The Puppet Company
  • Honey Bee Lifecycle Flashcards by Playful Little Readers
  • Plan Toys Bee Hives
  • Bee Sensory Sound Bottle 
  • StorySacks Fairtrade 100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag 

Peep Inside A Beehive by Anna Milbourne (Board Book)

Discover how honey is made, what bees do all day and how baby bees are born in this fascinating introduction to the world of bees. With colourful illustrations, flaps to lift and holes to peep through.
Little Bee: A Day in the Life of the Bee 

In this new series, based on the everyday adventures of wild animals, discover Little Bee gets up to, and meet their family, learning loads of great facts along the way!

Little Bee has a BIG family! She has over one hundred sisters and a few baby brothers, and they all live together in the nest with their Mummy, the Queen. Little Bee is super excited to introduce us to her family and explore the nest together.

Learn all about nature’s hardest worker:

  • What happens in the nest
  • What pollination is
  • Who the queen is
  • How honeybees talk to each other
  • Why bees are so important

This adorable story is followed by a fun factivity section packed with craft projectscase studies and a quiz section at the back of the book, so you can put everything you have learnt about Little Bee and their family to the test.

Beautiful and bright illustrations will make this informative book a hit with children of all ages!

Plan Toys Bee Hives

Plan Toys Bee Hives is the best selling toy for young children for honing fine motor skills and learning colours – made up of six wooden rainbow coloured bees with felt wings, corresponding hexagonal pots and a pair of wooden tweezers. The Plan Toys Bees are a customer favourite, a sustainable educational toy for early years learning through play.

Made up of 6 colourful stripy bees with friendly faces and little felt wings and their corresponding hexagonal hive. Using finger and thumb or the wooden tweezers to grab each bee and put it into the colour matching hive. It’s a great way to learn colours and encourage turn-taking when playing with a friend, and a wonderful educational toy for early years learning. Stack them up, hide the little bees underneath or include them in your mandalas, the Plan Toys bee hives play set is a really versatile open-ended toy. Ethically made from sustainable solid rubber wood and coloured using non-toxic water-based dyes, this is a classic eco toy that will look fab in any playroom and makes a great present for toddlers and preschoolers.

Suitable from age 3.

*** Warning – this toy contains small parts that are a choking hazard to under 3 years ***

Each hive measures 5 x 5.7 x 4.5cm.

Honey Bee Lifecycle Flashcards by Playful Little Readers

Buzzzzz…!! Guess what just landed on our website? The honey bee life cycle. We popped in the Queen bee, drone bee and worker bee too – great for in depth learning. Did you know only the Queen bee can reproduce eggs? Drone bees are male bees and they spend their days eating and looking for unfertilized Queen bees. Drones are reproduced through infertilized eggs, they have no sting and cannot feed themselves. How amazing are bees?

1 large life cycle card 15cm x 10cm and 6 stages of the life cycle cards 10cm x 7cm.

Printed onto 350gsm heavy weight card using high quality ink.

Bee Sensory Sound Bottle by Petit Boum

Be amazed and let yourself be transported to the magical kingdom of the bees. How many flowers do you need to get a kilo of honey? Take a good look at the bee, enter her house, watch her dance, but be careful not to get bitten! Psssssssssst!

Look, shake … and listen! It’s that simple and effective. The small objects from the SOUND BOTTLE series are fascinating for the little ones. Auditory stimulation, especially important in the first year of life of babies, is added to the visual identification of the pieces contained in it. It helps in learning to distinguish sounds: from the softest to the loudest, by associating each sound with a meaning. Playing with Petit Boum’s sensory bottles stimulates gross motor skills: stacking bottles, shaking, rolling… When they are older, boys and girls can portray different scenarios and stimulate imaginative play.

Petit Boum sets itself the challenge of inviting children to explore the world around them. Because there is no better way to learn than by playing spontaneously and freely, at the child’s pace. Each sensory bottle of Petit Boum contains a universe of stimuli for children of all ages (from 3 months to 99 years!). They stimulate imagination and creativity and arouse the inherent curiosity of all children for what surrounds them. As a result, the sensory bottles can be used both stimulating and relaxing for young and old.

  • Age: children 3 months and older.
  • Dimensions sensory bottle: 14 cm x 4 cm
  • Do not immerse in water for a long time or expose it to the sun. For cleaning, we recommend wiping with a damp cloth.
Book Option

Peep Inside a Beehive, Little Bee: A Day in the Life, Both Books

Plan Toys Beehives

With Beehives, Without Beehives

Bee Sensory Bottle

With Sensory Bottle, Without Sensory Bottle

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