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Somewhere Over The Rainbow 🌈

We are so delighted to have Riley Rainbow front and centre of our ‘Rainbow StorySack’. Bring the story of Riley, written by Irish author Elayne Heaney, ‘losing his colours’ to life with this beautiful StorySack.

Within this StorySack what you will receive is:

  • Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe by Elayne Heaney (Paperback)
  • Translucent Colour Paddle Set by TickIT Education
  • StorySacks Fairtrade 100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag 

Choose to include:

  • Rainbow Wooden Arches by TickIT Education
  • Rainbow Wooden Shape Twister by TickIT Education
  • Handcrafted Wooden Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle (As Gaeilge) by Alphabet Jigsaws

Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe – written by Elayne Heaney & illustrated by Paula Reel

Meet Riley Rainbow. Most of the time Riley is a very happy rainbow, however, today something is amiss and Riley thinks he’s LOST his rainbow colours but with the help of his friends tries to figure out if it’s really a colour catastrophe!

🌈This is a beautifully illustrated, bright, fun book by an Irish author that’s narrated through rhyme – suitable for ages 3-6.

Rainbow Wooden Arches by TickIT Education

Beautiful smooth solid beechwood nesting arches in the seven rainbow colours, with a natural finish to show the grain of the wood. The inner block is a solid 3D semicircle.

Ideal for construction and imaginative play: to build sculptural structures; to design areas for filling with small world play people or animals; exploring size and scale; using mathematical terms – larger, smaller, taller, steeper etc; and improving language skills and broadening vocabulary to describe their activities in action.

Heights: 19mm, 27mm, 36mm, 47mm, 56mm, 63mm and 73mm.
Lengths: 40mm, 58mm, 76mm, 94mm, 112mm, 130mm and 148mm.

Wall thickness 8mm x width 40mm.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Personal Development – collaborative play
• Physical Development – motor skills, construction
• Communication & Language – descriptive language
• Expressive Arts & Design – imaginative play
• Maths – shape & space, sorting, pattern & sequence
• Understanding the World – colour

Rainbow Wooden Shape Twister by TickIT Education

Beautiful solid beechwood giant bolt with seven nuts in different shapes and in the seven colours of the rainbow. Each nut shape has a different number of edges, increasing from 1 (circle) to 8 (octagon). The chunky pieces are the ideal size for young children to manipulate and come in a natural finish to show the grain of the wood. Perfect for learning about colour and shape as well as improving manual dexterity and fine motor strength.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Physical Development – motor skills
• Understanding the World – colour
• Maths – shape & space
• Communication & Language – descriptive language

Size: approx. 200mm.
Age: Suitable from 18 months.

Translucent Colour Paddle Set (6) by TickIT Education

Translucent colour plastic paddles in primary and secondary colours, ideal for colour mixing. The larger size makes them ideal for group work as well as individual exploration.

Supports the following areas of learning:

• Understanding the World – colour
• Understanding the World – observation

Size: 80mm dia. Pk6.
Age: Suitable from 12 months.

Alphabet Jigsaws – Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle (As Gaeilge) 

This beautiful sixteen piece rainbow jigsaw puzzle, in Irish, provides the perfect way to teach children Riley’s colours as Gaeilge! Hand painted in literally, all the colours of the Rainbow (and more!), the chunky and durable pieces are perfectly sized for little hands to put together. Some of the pieces stand up and can be played with as individual toys.

This handcrafted children’s wooden jigsaw puzzle is designed to encourage dexterity and logic and will make learning Irish fun! This rainbow puzzle comes with a drawstring cotton bag for storage

Age: 2+; Boxed Product; Cotton bag included; Dimensions: 32cm x 15cm x 2cm

Rainbow Wooden Arches

Without Rainbow Arches, With Rainbow Arches

Rainbow Wooden Shape Twister

Without Rainbow Twister, With Rainbow Twister

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