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Somewhere Over The Rainbow 🌈

We are so delighted to have Riley Rainbow front and centre of our ‘Rainbow StorySack’. Bring the story of Riley, written by Irish author Elayne Heaney, ‘losing his colours’ to life with this beautiful StorySack.

A great way to practice colours with your little ones and to start talking about the weather. Bring Riley to life with the beautiful wooden rainbow & magic rainbow slinky (a blast from the past!) or through the fun sticker book. Something for everyone in this StorySack!

Why not make this StorySack extra special (and practice your colours as Gaieilge!) by including the beautiful Alphabet Jigsaws Irish Rainbow.

Within this StorySack what you will receive is:

  • Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe – written by Elayne Heaney & illustrated by Paula Reel
  • Wooden Rainbow Nest 
  • Magic Rainbow Slinky
  • Rainbow Sticker Book 
  • Laminated Weather Chart
  • Rainbow Stencil
  • Optional: Handcrafted Wooden Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle (As Gaeilge) by Alphabet Jigsaws
  • All included in a StorySacks branded 100% Cotton Drawstring Bag – to keep everything safe and take on the go!!

Please see below for further information on the items and the brands/businesses we are working with. We hope you enjoy :-)

Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe – written by Elayne Heaney & illustrated by Paula Reel:

Meet Riley Rainbow. Most of the time Riley is a very happy rainbow, however, today something is amiss and Riley thinks he’s LOST his rainbow colours but with the help of his friends tries to figure out if it’s really a colour catastrophe!

🌈This is a beautifully illustrated, bright, fun book by an Irish author that’s narrated through rhyme – suitable for ages 3-6.

Wooden Rainbow by Magia Galaxy

This (6) piece rainbow nesting and wooden puzzle is incredibly versatile, allowing the imagination to run wild with its many configurations. Stacking or Nesting toy – it could be transformed into a colorful tunnel for cars, a cozy house or hideaway for dolls, fairies or superheroes! (6) pieces of rainbow wooden pieces Eco-friendly materials and paints. Made using wood.

Rainbow Sticker Book 

A fun sticker & colouring book including over 100 colourful rainbow stickers will have any little one filled with joy!

Magic Rainbow Slinky

Bring Riley to life with this super fun rainbow slinky! This slinky can walk down stairs jump off walls and stretch! Sure to provide lots and lots of giggles!!

Laminated Weather Chart 

Our laminated weather chart is the perfect thing to start discussing ‘weather’ with your little ones! Hang this on the fridge, in a bedroom, in a classroom or even perfect to put in a frame as the illustrations are very pretty!

Rainbow Stencil

Children will enjoy using the rainbow stencil to add fun shapes and designs to cards, collages, or any other craft project their hearts desire. They can use their crayons, favourite paints or pens to fill in the design. These handy craft kit staples are made from plastic and are easily washable so they can be used over and over again for endless crafty fun! Paint, design, colour, and create!

Design of stencil may vary

Add On:

Alphabet Jigsaws – Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle (As Gaeilge) 

This beautiful sixteen piece rainbow jigsaw puzzle, in Irish, provides the perfect way to teach children Riley’s colours as Gaeilge! Hand painted in literally, all the colours of the Rainbow (and more!), the chunky and durable pieces are perfectly sized for little hands to put together. Some of the pieces stand up and can be played with as individual toys.

This handcrafted children’s wooden jigsaw puzzle is designed to encourage dexterity and logic and will make learning Irish fun! This rainbow puzzle comes with a drawstring cotton bag for storage

Age: 2+; Boxed Product; Cotton bag included; Dimensions: 32cm x 15cm x 2cm


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