Dino StorySack

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Rawwwwwwr! Here come the Dinos!

Within this StorySack what you will receive is:

  • Book Options:
    • Mad About Dinosaurs by Giles Andreae 
    • Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Stickland
  • Wooden Dino Puzzle Sticks by Fiesta Crafts
  • Wooden Brontosaurus by Tender Leaf Toys
  • Wooden Stegosaurus by Tender Leaf Toys
  • T-Rex Finger Puppet by The Puppet Company Ltd
  • Squeeze Dino Head with Beads (colour may vary)
  • Felt Dinosaur Mask (design may vary)
  • Optional: Number Dinosaur Row / Alphabet Dinosaur by Alphabet Jigsaws 
  • StorySacks Fairtrade 100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag


Mad About Dinosaurs by Giles Andreae & David Wojtowjcz:

Join all your favourite dinosaurs in this colourful, rhyming picture book, from the author of international bestseller, Giraffes Can’t Dance!

Silly Diplodocus, fierce T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus and more… They’re all here in this bright, bold book! With a short lively rhyme on each page, fun facts and colourful pictures (plus handy pronunciation guides) this is perfect for young (and not-so-young!) dinosaur fans.

Ten Terrible Dinosaurs by Paul Stickland

Ten terrible, but very colourful, dinosaurs are standing in a line, waiting for the fun to begin. Soon, they become impatient and start to fool around, so the littlest dinosaur scuttles off, leaving only nine. The dinosaurs dance, munch, play games, bicker, climb trees and even try to fly. Finally, there is only one exhausted dinosaur left snoring on his own…until the other nine return to wake him up with a gigantic ROAR!

A fun rhyming counting book which small children will love. They can learn the words, point at the pictures, count the dinosaurs and copy their comical jigging and jiving. Exuberant and amusing illustrations complement the text in this welcome reprint of a popular classic.

Wooden Dino Puzzle Sticks by Fiesta Crafts

Put together and find 8 puzzles with these exciting dinosaur-themed wooden Puzzle Sticks! There are 18 double sided wooden sticks which make up the 8 different puzzles, 4 of which use 4 sticks and 4 using 5 sticks.

Children will enjoy the activity of playing around to find the right order of the sticks to make up the final colourful images. This activity is also ideal for developing motor skills, as well as useful matching skills. The pieces are stored in an attractive storage box which is perfect for providing travel entertainment on the go.

  • The ideal first puzzles set
  • 8 puzzles per set – keeps children really engaged.
  • Easy for youngest children to play and develop matching and motor skills.
  • Each puzzle image is colour coded to help find pieces

Tender Leaf Toys –  Wooden Brontosaurus & Stegosaurus:
Our wooden dinosaurs are made by Tender Leaf Toys, a fabulous sustainable & ethical brand. The natural hand painted wood is perfect for little hands and allows the child to interact with the story through object matching, open ended play and opportunities for developing their language skills.

Please see the ‘Brands’ section of our website for more information on Tender Leaf Toys.

The Puppet Company Ltd – T-Rex Finger Puppet:
Our T-Rex Finger Puppet is made by The Puppet Company. As finger puppets go this is a very decent size and perfect for recreating any prehistoric story!

These products capture the essence of what makes a really quality toy as they allow children to be creative, to entertain and more than anything else – to have fun!



Book Option

Mad About Dinosaurs, Ten Terrible Dinosaurs, Both Books

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