Baby’s First StorySack – Adam’s Cloud

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Adam’s Cloud books by Benji Bennett were the inspiration for this Baby’s First StorySack. What we wanted to create was a magical StorySack reflecting this magical children’s bedtime story full of love and inspiration.

Within this StorySack what you will receive is:

  • Book Option
    • When You Were Born by Benji Bennett; OR
    • Before You Sleep by Benji Bennett; OR 
    • Both Books
  • Rattle Ball
    • Choose between Stars, Light Blue Pinstripe or Pink Polkadot
  • Cloud Teether – Silicone & Beechwood 
    • Choose between Blush, Powder Blue or Taupe
  • Organza Sensory Scarf
  • Optional: Sensory Bottle 
    • Choose between Blue, Turquoise or Gold 
  • StorySacks 100% Fairtrade Cotton drawstring bag

Adam’s Cloud Books by Benji Bennett:

Irish children’s book author Benji Bennett has three kids – Harry, Robbie and Molly – with his wife, Jackie. The loss of their four-year-old son Adam in 2007 inspired him to write the Adam’s series of books, the message of which is ‘bringing families closer’. Beautiful illustrations of the happy animal families and a simple story of how our children could have chosen anyone to be their parents – but they chose us (note that the parents in this story are a mother & father).

When You Were Born was inspired by this little chat between Benjii & his son. “Dad why do you love me so much?” Benjii answered, “Robbie I love you so much because when you were born you chose me to be your dad and you make me so happy”. Robbie’s reaction was to give Benjii a hug and say “I’m so glad I picked you to be my dad, you’re the best dad ever”. Benjii’s heart skipped a beat and the feeling he had in that moment was one he felt compelled to share with every parent in the world.

Award winning Before You Sleep delivers a powerful, often emotional, family bonding experience that fills children’s hearts with love, their tummy’s with butterflies of happiness and their minds with confidence.  More than just a book, Before you Sleep creates a new kind of shared reading experience unmatched by any other children’s book. Inspired by Adam’s Message this No.1 Bestseller brings families closer as Benji, through his unique style and unrivalled talent, takes you and your child on a magical adventure around the world and out to the stars.  Share an unforgettable loving experience as bouncing rhyme and imaginative stunning illustrations bring love, hugs, kisses and magic to bedtime.

Soft Rattle Ball 

Fill the senses with sound and movement! These Rattle Balls have appealing shapes and textures and include a bell inside to stimulate baby’s senses. The small,  tabs are perfect for tiny hands to tug; full of details, soft and little-one-friendly!

Choose between Star, Light Blue Pinstripes or Pink Polka Dot designs. 

Cloud Teether – Silicone & Beechwood

Ease your little one’s teething pain with a combination of soft food grade silicone beads, and beech wood accents.

Choose between Blush, Powder Blue or Taupe Colours

Blue Organza Scarf 

Babies will be intrigued by the movement, texture and colour of this scarf. Play peek-a-boo, allow baby to grab, touch and feel! A wonderful sensory resource to promote hand-eye co-ordination, tracking, focus and concentration, all while having fun.

Please note that this scarf is not a toy and should only be used under very close adult supervision. 

Optional: Sensory Float Bottle by Petit Boum

Bring the stars to life with this beautiful sensory bottle by Petit Boum. Filled with glitter and pom poms children will be mesmerised when the bottle is rotated! Wonderful for visual stimulation and holding the concentration of the eyes of the tiny humans. A beautiful experience for all!

Book Option

When You Were Born, Before You Sleep, Both Books

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