Baby’s First StorySack – The Sensory One!





A StorySack with a sensory twist – perfect for babies from 3 months old!

In this StorySack:

  • Faces: Baby’s Very First Cloth Book by Jo Lodge
  • My First Toy by Petit Boum
    • Sound Sensory Bottle 
    • Sensory Scarf 
  • Sensory Flashcards by Priya & Peanut (60 pictures)
  • StorySacks Fairtrade 100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag

Baby’s Very First Cloth Book: Faces by Jo Lodge

The high-contrast images in Baby’s Very First Cloth Book: Faces are designed to help newborns focus. This bestselling cuddly cloth book also has crinkly pages for tactile fun and a mirror for stimulating the senses. Faces of Baby, Mummy & Daddy.

Illustrated by Jo Lodge and packaged in a delightful gift box, this reissue of a bestselling cloth book makes the perfect present for new babies.

My First Toy by Petit Boum

My First Toy consists of two products inspired by Piklerian pedagogy and designed to stimulate the senses of babies from 3 months: a light cotton scarf in bright colors and a sensory bottle Sound Bottle.

With the sensory bottle, baby can observe, shake and discover the delicate sound of the elements. The scarf will encourage the spontaneous activity of the baby who will quickly notice its presence and take it in the mouth to explore it.

Handmade in Spain, from recyclable plastic, a maple wood stopper and natural elements such as chopped rice, colored vermicelli or even grains of corn, the Petit Boum sensory bottle is unbreakable. It is thought and designed for children from 3 months. The interior is waterproof and each bottle has a fully sealed double stopper so that little ones can handle it safely. Petit Boum sensory bottles are free of BPA, metal and phthalates.

Bottle dimensions: 14 cm x 4 cm.

From 3 months.

Sensory Flashcards by Priya & Peanut (60 pictures)

So you’ve noticed your baby becoming more interested in colourful objects… great news, your little one’s eyes are developing quickly!

Studies show that contrasting colours and images which grab your baby’s attention are brilliant for the brain, attention span and eye-tracking development.

This is why we have specially designed our 3+ Month Colour Baby Sensory Flashcards with high contrasting, coloured patterns and images but in a simplistic style, allowing your baby to name, identify and learn from the wide range of animals, fruit, objects and patterns as they grow awareness of the world in their toddler years.

Why not use our 3+ Month Colour Baby Sensory Flashcards for brain, eye tracking and attention span development or even playtime, and watch as the contrasting colours and images entertain and excite your little one.

How to use our Baby Sensory Flashcards:

1 – Pick any Animal, Shape or Pattern sensory flashcard
2 – Hold in front of your Baby’s face
3 – Keep switching cards & enjoy playtime
4 – Repeat daily to keep your Baby entertained and developing

Our 3+Month Colour Sensory Baby Sensory Flashcards come with:

60 pictures on 30 x 350gsm FSC approved A6 Sensory Cards
Fully printed, memorable keep safe tuck box
Made & printed in the UK
All designs & illustrations by Priya & Peanut

You receive the following designs:

20 x Animals
20 x Patterns
10 x Fruit & Veg
6 x Plants & Flowers
4 x kinds of Weather

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