Baby’s First StorySack-The Monochrome One

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Our ‘Baby’s First StorySack‘ is one that we are very excited about! The benefits of monochrome and strong contrasting colours (in particular black and white) encourages babies to explore the different patterns and textures offered, giving a multi-sensory experience to young explorers. Strong black and white patterns also help babies to develop their ability to focus their attention and levels of concentration. We have worked hard to ensure all of the items in this StorySack lend themselves to this!

Within this StorySack what you will receive is:

  • ‘Baby’s Very First Cloth Book: Farm’ by Jo Lodge
  • Lamb – My First Puppet by The Puppet Company Ltd
  • Cow Squeakaboo! Rattle by Fiesta Crafts 
  • Border Collie Wilberry Mini by Wilberry Toys
  • Optional: My Little Learner Baby Sensory Flashcards
  • Optional: Sensory Bottle & Scarf by Petit Boum
  • StorySacks Fairtrade 100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag 

Product Description

‘Baby’s Very First Cloth Book: Farm’ by Jo Lodge:

The high-contrast images in Baby’s Very First Cloth Book: Farm are designed to help newborns focus. This popular cuddly cloth book also has crinkly pages for tactile fun and a mirror for stimulating the senses.

The Puppet Company Ltd & Wilberry Toys:

Our adorable Lamb: My First Puppet & Border Collie Wilberry Mini are made by The Puppet Company & Wilberry Toys. These products capture the essence of what makes a really quality toy as they allow the user to be creative, to entertain and more than anything else – to have fun! Bring this story to life for your baby by using this adorable sheep & border collie to engage and play. We guarantee they won’t be able to look away!

Fiesta Crafts – Cow Squeakaboo:

The hugely popular Squeakaboos! soft toy rattles make the perfect toy for babies from birth. They jingle, crinkle and squeak when squeezed, making them a great interactive first toy for little ones. The Squeekaboos! range helps baby to begin learning all about sounds and touch in a tactile way. This toy will help encourage interactivity while ensuring lots of smiles, fun and giggles.

Crafted from vibrant and soft plush fabrics, each Squeakaboo has a cute shaped face with a kind, gentle smile. The perfect size for small hands, babies will instantly warm to the Squeakaboos, and will love to touch, hold and shake them.

Optional: My Little Learner Baby Sensory Flashcards:

These black and white baby sensory flashcards are perfect for any new born baby and they make great baby gifts too! On the front – 10 high contrasting patterns on the front

On the back – 10 jungle animals on the back: lion | zebra | alligator | monkey | tortoise | toucan | giraffe | elephant | flamingo | tiger

10 double-sided flashcards, designed for 0-6 months babies and will help in the following areas:

  • entertaining your baby
  • spending quality time together
  • increasing curiosity
  • improving focus/concentration
  • aiding nervous system development
  • They are wipeable too!!

Details: >10 baby flashcards >Double sided >A6 in size >Made from 350gsm card stock >Rounded corners for safety > Made in the UK

Optional: Sensory Bottle & Scarf (Petit Boum – My First Toy)

My First Toy consists of two toys designed for babies three months old and above: a bright coloured, light cotton handkerchief and a Sound Bottle sensory bottle. My First Toy, a toy for free and spontaneous play inspired by the Pikler pedagogy that stimulates sight, hearing and motor skills.

The lightweight fabric of the Pikler handkerchief allows babies to get satisfaction when they manage to grasp it with their hands. In addition, the contrasting colours of the colourful Polka dots handkerchief will stimulate their vision, still immature. For babies to play with it, the handkerchief can be placed near them forming a mountain-like shape while they are lying on their back. This way it is easy for them to see it and hold it. The handkerchief encourages their spontaneous activity. They will quickly notice its presence and bring it to their mouth to explore.

The Sound Bottle created with the same colour scheme used in the handkerchief and which emits stimulating sounds that provide a unique sensory experience. To start playing with the Sound Bottle, just shake it. In doing so, the elements it contains generate pleasant sounds that invite babies to follow the objects with their eyes and to identify the sounds of the different pieces. Sensory bottles are great resources aiding the babies’ development as they stimulate them towards experimentation and concentration.

Supports the following areas of learning:

  • Personal Development – sensory
  • Understanding the World – colour & sound
  • Physical Development – motor skills
  • Communication & Language – descriptive language
  • Product Information: Bottle dimensions: 14 cm x 4 cm
  • Handkerchief size: 35 x 35 cm
  • CE Tested
  • Suitable from 3 months plus
Sensory Cards

Without Sensory Cards, With Sensory Cards

Sensory Bottle & Scarf

Without Sensory Bottle & Scarf, With Sensory Bottle & Scarf

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