Baby’s First StorySack – The Monochrome One!

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Introducing “Baby’s First StorySack – The Monochrome One!” A sensory adventure awaits your little one with this thoughtfully curated collection. Dive into the world of “Baby’s Very First Cloth Book: Farm” by Jo Lodge, a high-contrast masterpiece with crinkly pages featuring delightful farm animals.

But that’s not all – this StorySack comes alive with interactive elements. Let your baby’s imagination soar with the cute ‘Lamb: My First Puppet Hand Puppet’ by The Puppet Company, adding a touch of playfulness to the storytelling experience. The cuddly Black & White Border Collie by Wilberry Minis is a loyal companion, ready to embark on countless adventures together. The fun doesn’t stop there – the adorable Cow Squeakaboo Rattle by Fiesta Crafts adds a delightful auditory dimension to captivate your baby’s attention and the Black & White Sensory Flashcards offer captivating visuals great for tummy time!

For an extra dose of sensory exploration, choose to include My First Toy by Petit Boum, featuring a light cotton scarf in vibrant colors and a sensory sound bottle, designed to stimulate the senses of babies aged 3 months and up.

All these treasures come neatly packed in our StorySacks Fairtrade Organic Cotton Drawstring bag, making it a perfect gift.

Immerse your little one in the enchanting world of monochrome wonders, fostering early development and creating lasting memories. The Monochrome One is not just a StorySack; it’s a magical journey for your baby’s senses.




Key Features:

  • Multi-Sensory Exploration: Each item in this StorySack is designed to engage different senses, promoting holistic development in your baby.
  • Quality and Safety: Crafted from high-quality, baby-friendly materials, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for your little one.
  • Convenient Storage: The Fairtrade Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag keeps all items neatly organized and makes on-the-go playdates a breeze.

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Sensory Bottle & Scarf

With Sensory Bottle & Scarf, Without Sensory Bottle & Scarf