• Bring the seasons & the weather that goes with them to life with this StorySack. Lots of books and beautiful products to choose from in this one. In this StorySack what you can include:
    • Book Options:
      • Turn & Learn: Weather by Isabel Otter (Hardback)
      • Tree (Seasons Come, Seasons Go) by Patricia Hegarty (Hardback)
      • Chloe Cloud & David Drizzledrop Book Bundle by Elayne Heaney (Paperback)
    • Weather Stones by Yellow Door Education 
    • Wooden Seasons Jigsaw Puzzle by Alphabet Jigsaws
    • Weather Dress Up by Plan Toys
    • Rainmaker by Tender Leaf Toys
    • StorySacks Fairtrade 100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • "So snuggle safely in my arms; our day is nearly done. I love you to the moon and stars, my precious little one." In this StorySack:
    • Book Option:
      • I Love You to the Moon And Back by Amelia Hepworth (Hardback)
      • Can't You Sleep Little Bear by Martin Waddell (Paperback Picture Book)
    • Handcrafted Big Wooden Bear by Holztiger 
    • Handcrafted Small Wooden Bear by Holztiger 
    • StorySacks Fairtrade 100% Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • The Space StorySack

    From 46.00
    3-2-1 Blast Off! Bring the wonderful Adam's Space Adventure to life with this StorySack - sure to keep any space and rocket enthusiastic happy! From the wooden Lunar Landing playset to the Space Stickabout this StorySack will really bring the cosmos to life, Why not include the beautiful handcrafted wooden Rocket Number Jigsaw from Alphabet Jigsaws to make this StorySack extra extra special! In this StorySack:
    • Adam's Space Adventure by Benji Bennett 
    • Wooden Lunar Landing Balance Playset by BeginAgain Toys
    • Wooden Tinker Totter Rocket by Begin Again Toys (colour may vary)
    • Space Stickabout by Fiesta Crafts
    • Optional: Number Rocket Jigsaw by Alphabet Jigsaws 
    • StorySacks 100% cotton drawstring bag 
  • Ahoy there mateys!! Weigh anchor and hoist the sails me old sea dogs, it’s time to find us some treasure. Our Pirate StorySack will truly have little imaginations run wild with everything you need to bring the wonderful Adam's Pirate Treasure by Benji Bennett to life. Why not make this StorySack extra extra special by including the very beautiful handcrafted wooden Alphabet Pirate Ship by Alphabet Jigsaws. In this StorySack:
    • Adam's Pirate Treasure by Benji Bennett
    • Pirate Kit:
      • Treasure Map 
      • Compass 
      • Hook 
      • Blunderbuss (Pirate gun to you & I!)
      • Dagger 
      • Pirate coins & bag 
      • Compass 
      • Shield
    • Pirate Finger Puppet by Fiesta Crafts
    • Pirate Sticker Activity Book
    • Optional: Alphabet Pirate Ship Jigsaw Puzzle by Alphabet Jigsaws
    • StorySacks 100% cotton drawstring bag
  • Rainbow StorySack

    From 39.99
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow 🌈 We are so delighted to have Riley Rainbow front and centre of our 'Rainbow StorySack'. Bring the story of Riley, written by Irish author Elayne Heaney, 'losing his colours' to life with this beautiful StorySack. A great way to practice colours with your little ones and to start talking about the weather. Bring Riley to life with the beautiful wooden rainbow & magic rainbow slinky (a blast from the past!) or through the fun sticker book. Something for everyone in this StorySack! Why not make this StorySack extra special (and practice your colours as Gaieilge!) by including the beautiful Alphabet Jigsaws Irish Rainbow. Within this StorySack what you will receive is:
    • Riley Rainbow and the Colour Catastrophe - written by Elayne Heaney & illustrated by Paula Reel
    • Wooden Rainbow Nest 
    • Magic Rainbow Slinky
    • Rainbow Sticker Book 
    • Laminated Weather Chart
    • Rainbow Stencil
    • Optional: Handcrafted Wooden Rainbow Jigsaw Puzzle (As Gaeilge) by Alphabet Jigsaws
    • All included in a StorySacks branded 100% Cotton Drawstring Bag – to keep everything safe and take on the go!!
    Please see below for further information on the items and the brands/businesses we are working with. We hope you enjoy :-)
  • Adam's Cloud books by Benji Bennett were the inspiration for this Baby's First StorySack. What we wanted to create was a magical StorySack reflecting this magical children’s bedtime story full of love and inspiration. Within this StorySack what you will receive is:
    • Book Option
      • When You Were Born by Benji Bennett; OR
      • Before You Sleep by Benji Bennett; OR 
      • Both Books
    • Rattle Ball
      • Choose between Stars, Light Blue Pinstripe or Pink Polkadot
    • Cloud Teether - Silicone & Beechwood 
      • Choose between Blush, Powder Blue or Taupe
    • Organza Sensory Scarf
    • Optional: Sensory Bottle 
      • Choose between Blue, Turquoise or Gold 
    • StorySacks 100% Fairtrade Cotton drawstring bag

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